Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Venues

Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions you have to make during the wedding planning process. If you’re torn between indoor and outdoor venues, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for each. Find out which one is best suited for your impending nuptials here.

Indoor Wedding Pros


One of the best things about an indoor wedding is you’ll be able to protect your guests from different weather conditions, especially the hot Florida sun. Through rain or shine, your wedding plans likely won’t change, and your guests will stay comfortable throughout your ceremony and reception.

Fewer Logistics

Many indoor venues offer various package options that make things easier for you. For instance, they may already have a wedding arch or outdoor tent you can use for the reception. Some venues even work with specific caterers. Finding all your vendors in one place, without having to read contracts, will surely take some stress off.

Indoor Wedding Cons

Decor Costs

Most indoor wedding venues come with decorations, but you may not like what they have to offer. Transforming the setting can be costly, and you may have to budget for decor to get the exact vision you want. 

While renting items instead of buying them will help you stick to your budget, it adds another step to the wedding process.

Limited Capacity

Another downside of an indoor wedding is that, depending on the venue, there might not be room for everyone. 

While every venue varies, limited event space is inevitable to some extent, so asses the size of your guest list before deciding on an indoor venue. You should also consider the space needed for food stations, bars, tables, and chairs. 

If you decide to rent large items like a dance floor, the Florida LED Dance Floors team can help determine what size rental you need. We can create custom sizes based on your dimensions.

Less Freedom

Fewer logistics can either be an opportunity or an obstacle. Indoor wedding venues usually have more restrictions, which is great if you prefer a more structured experience. That said, your choice of food, beverages, and decor may be limited depending on the venue. 

Do your research and take the time to read your venue’s contract — so you know what you’re getting. 

Outdoor Wedding Pros

Natural Scenery

Outdoor weddings are gorgeous, and you won’t have to spend a ton of money on decor! Most outdoor venues allow for a few small touches, but the setting should speak for itself. Overall, nature offers the best backdrops and lighting. 

Natural lighting is also the best way to capture your wedding pictures. Use daylight to create a romantic atmosphere that captures the happiness of your big day. 

More Space

If you’re worried about guests fitting into an indoor venue, an outdoor setting may be the better option. Outdoor venues are usually more spacious, and your guests will feel free to spread out as they want. 

The outdoors also gives you the flexibility to choose any wedding theme. And because there’s so much room, the sky is the limit on what you can rent. For example, your wedding day won’t be complete without a sizable dance floor for you and your guests to enjoy. 

You can rent an LED dance floor along with audio equipment and you won’t have to worry about set up or teardown because the rental company will handle it for you.

Outdoor Wedding Cons

Nature Is Unpredictable

Outdoor venues aren’t always guaranteed, and your dream wedding may only be a reality if the weather holds up. If your heart is set on an outdoor venue, you’ll either need a backup plan or a tent to protect your guests from the elements (which may already be a necessity in the Florida heat). 

Nevertheless, keep this in mind when planning — especially if you’re trying to throw a wedding on a budget.

Harder to Reserve

Some outdoor venues have off-seasons, which makes them harder to book. If you’re eying a specific setting, you want to reserve as early as you can. It’s also never a bad idea to have several backup spots in mind before picking a wedding venue.

More Moving Parts

Having your big day outside is a great idea, but it presents various options that can be hard to keep track of. For instance, you may need to rent a tent, chairs, tables, and decor if you’re having your ceremony in a park or public area. 

It’s best to look for wedding venues with outdoor options since they typically already have these items.

Wedding LED Dance Floor Rentals in Clearwater, FL

Overall, indoor wedding venues guarantee a beautiful, streamlined event. However, those who choose to wed outside usually have more creative control. 

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