Wedding LED Dance Floor Rental

Transform Your Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

Nothing gets family and friends out on the dance floor like a brightly colored, customizable dance floor! Our floors have low power consumption, making it eco-friendly, and can be assembled in 45 minutes thanks to the magnetic power and easy data connections.


Custom Wedding Dance Floor

Want to add a personalized touch to your wedding? Our LED dance floor rentals are customizable so we can display all kinds of colors, wedding designs, and more!

Outdoor Wedding Dance Floor Rental

Hosting an outdoor wedding? Perfect! Our LED dance floors are waterproof, making them a fantastic addition to even your outdoor wedding event. Certain limitations apply. Our dance floors will not operate on a rainy day or on a grass surface.

How large of a dance floor do I need?

The industry standard is that you should budget 4.5 square feet of space for each guest, or 9 square feet for each couple. For example, if you’re hosting an event for 100 people, you can anticipate 50 people or 25 couples on the dance floor at one time, so you’ll need a 16′ x 16′.

We can also work with you on custom designs and sizes.

How much does an LED dance floor cost?

Depending on the size of the dance floor costs can vary, but you purchase based on the square footage you need.

Dance Floor Pricing

It depends on the size!

16 x 16: $9.76 per sq. foot

20 x 20: $9.50 per sq. foot

Get in touch for pricing!

Dance Floor Sizes

16’ x 16’ $2,500 / 256 ft² / up to 100 guests
20’ x 20’ $3,800 / 400 ft² / up to 150 guests
Up to 30’x 30’

Max size for LED Infinity Mirror & White is 26' x 26'

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