What Can an LED Dance Floor Be Used For?

LED dance floors can help to break up parts of a room, fill empty space, and create a focal point for guests to look at. But what can an LED dance floor be used for? And what kinds of events do we serve? Our creative marketing and design team in Clearwater, FL is here to answer all of your questions. 

What Can LED Dance Floors Be Used For? 

LED dance floors are used for a variety of purposes, including a showroom car display, a runway for a fashion show, or a dance floor for private events such as weddings, parties, and video shoots. 

1. Parties & Special Events

From private parties to lavish celebrations, an LED dance floor can help transform an event from amusing to simply astounding. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, school dance, or a fashion show, make a lasting impression on guests with an LED dance floor rental. Dance floor rentals can be used for all sorts of special occasions, including...

  • Birthday parties, mitzvahs, and quinceañeras 
  • Grand openings
  • Anniversaries 
  • School dance and formals
  • Showrooms
  • Themed parties
  • Fashion shows
  • Corporate events 
  • Reunions 
  • Graduation parties

LED Dance floors are an environmentally-friendly option for event spaces of all sizes, large or small! Additionally, most LED dance floor rentals for events include magnetic connection sides for fast assembly. 

Why Have an LED Dance Floor at Your Next Event?

A well-placed, inviting dance floor enhances the guest's experience, while adding an interactive component to your special event. And, with an LED dance floor rental, you don’t have to commit to a venue with an existing dance floor. You have the option to make the space entirely your own! 

Florida LED Dance Floors can create a dance floor that matches your gathering’s theme, colors, and decor. We’ll always share our ideas with you, while being mindful of budget and time constraints. 

2. Weddings & Engagements

LED dance floors for weddings are a fantastic option for adding a personal touch to your big day. Dance floor rentals can display decorative wedding patterns and images or play off of the colors of your wedding or engagement party. 

At Florida LED Dance Floors, we provide one main option...

  • 3D Infinity Mirror LED Dance Floors - Matte white floors, such as a 3D infinity mirror LED dance floor, can create designs and display any color you can think of! With its interchangeable, vibrant colors you can match your wedding’s theme or assemble the perfect engagement scene. 

Not only is Florida LED Dance Floors pleased to offer a diverse selection of LED dance floors, but we’re also the only company in Tampa Bay that carries 3D infinity mirror LED dance floor rentals.

Outdoor Wedding Dance Floor Rentals

If you’re planning on an outdoor engagement or wedding, Florida LED Dance Floor’s rentals are water-resistant; which means they’re perfect for outdoor use or at a lively reception. However, we will not operate dance floors in extremely wet conditions. If it rains, our team will do their best to implement a backup plan. 

Can You Put an LED Dance Floor on Grass?

To preserve the livelihood of your wedding or engagement site, we will not operate LED dance floors on grass surfaces. The sturdy base of our rentals, however, allows us to place them on any other type of grounds (dirt, sand, gravel) that create a firm area for dancing. These surfaces also can’t be damaged, unlike grass. 

3. Music Videos and Video Shoots

Participating in an upcoming music video or production? LED dance floors can be configured to meet your specific size requirements. For instance, LED dance floor rentals can be used as decoration for music videos or as a 60-foot-long LED catwalk for video shoots. 

Rent an LED Dance Floor in Clearwater, FL

Entertaining is one of the most important parts of planning an event or wedding, so why not leave it to us? Florida LED Dance Floors provides LED dance floor rentals to all parts of Florida, including Orlando, Sarasota, Miami, and Naples.  

Learn more about our LED dance floor rentals in Clearwater, FL, or call us at 727-474-9927 to start planning your event today! 

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