5 Misconceptions About Party Rentals

When throwing an event, many people rent the necessary equipment. Not only does this take the pressure out of planning, but you don’t have to waste money on items you might never use again. That said, you have heard some common myths about party rentals. 

To clear the air, here are five misconceptions about event rental items and why they’re just not true.

Common Misconceptions About Party Rentals

1. Rentals Aren’t as High-Quality

When you think of rental items, you might picture uncared or outdated equipment — but that’s not usually the case. 

Reputable party rental companies check their equipment between rentals to see if anything is amiss. They’ll also ensure the items are promptly stored and repaired if needed. That way, everything looks and works great for the next event.

2. They’re Too Expensive

Another common misconception is that event rentals are too expensive, making them impossible for those with tight budgets.

While owning equipment is the best option for some, party rentals are a cost-effective, high-quality solution for others. The fact is, renting could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the type and size of your event. Here’s how:

  • Smaller initial investment - For novice party planners, purchasing equipment is a steep upfront cost that might prevent you from getting started. Rentals let you choose which items work best with your budget.
  • Depreciation isn’t an issue - As you’re probably aware, the value of any type of equipment will depreciate over time. Then, if you choose to sell it, you might lose out on that investment. You don’t have to worry about this with party rentals, as you only pay to use the items for a short window.
  • Fewer costly logistics - Renting equipment means you don’t have to worry about transportation, maintenance, or ongoing care costs. Some items, especially bigger ones like an LED dance floor, can quickly add up. You don’t have to pay for upkeep or storage by renting one instead.

3. You Have Limited Options

Some are under the false impression that you have fewer options to choose from when renting equipment. In reality, most party rental companies offer various styles of items and can create custom items to meet your specific needs. 

At Florida LED Dance Floors, everything is custom-built. Once we know what size dance floor rental you need, you’ll choose the colors or designs you want to display.

Costs vary based on size, but you pay based on square footage. For example, for about 100 guests, you would need at least a 16’ x 16’ dance floor. Or, you could opt for a 20’ x 20’ rental and accommodate up to 150 guests.

4. You Won’t Receive Assistance

A good rental company will support you and your event wherever possible. They’ll typically deliver the items, set up, and tear everything down once the festivities are over. 

Additionally, many rental companies have knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the right items for your event and advise you on where they should go. 

For example, when you rent with Florida LED Dance Floors, we will create a 3D rendering of our dance floor in your event space; this shows exactly how the event would look, and we can recommend the best way to configure it.

5. Long-Term Rentals are Required

Many assume you can only rent items for an extended period, but that’s false — after all, many events are a single-day affair! If you have an event stretching over a few days or even a week, that can also be arranged. Just be sure to rent items in advance, so everything is taken care of.

Rent an LED Dance Floor in Clearwater, FL

For many, renting equipment is one of the best ways to secure necessary items while keeping costs low. To learn more about how party rentals can benefit your event, contact Florida LED Dance Floors today!

We have years of experience under our belts, can help with logistics, and possibly put you in touch with other local vendors. Call 727-474-9927 today to get a FREE quote for your next event.

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