Why Should I Rent an LED Dance Floor?

Throwing an event and need a dance floor? LED dance floors are the perfect way to accentuate a gathering place. But why rent an LED dance floor instead of a regular one? And how can dance floor rentals be used to liven up a venue? Our experienced LED dance floor technicians in Clearwater, FL are here to answer your questions. 

4 Reasons to Rent an LED Dance Floor

Not only can LED dance floors encourage guests to participate, but they also create a stunning focal point fit for all kinds of occasions. There’s nothing like a fully customized LED dance floor to get family and friends moving. 

From small, intimate gatherings to outrageous bashes, here’s why you should rent an LED dance floor for your upcoming wedding or event. 

1. Fully Customizable 

LED dance floor rentals are digital, which means you can customize their appearance to match the colors or theme of your event. Whether you need multi-colored tiles for a disco theme, a design displayed for your wedding, or an all-white floor for a formal event or wedding, an LED dance floor can make it happen — the options are endless! 

Interactive LED dance floor rentals come in all different sizes and can be altered to meet your specific dimensions. 

At Florida LED Dance Floors, we offer one dance floor rental option...

  • 3D Infinity Mirror LED Dance Floors - With a 3D Infinity Mirror floor, we can display any color imaginable! Our matte white floors are fantastic for displaying vibrant colors that match your theme or light up your event space. The maximum size for matte white and 3D Infinity Mirror floors is 26' x 26'. 


2. Leave a Lasting Impression

Not only does a well-placed LED dance floor add an interactive component to an event or wedding reception, it also enhances your guest’s experience. With an LED dance floor rental, you’ll leave a lasting impression on everyone, no matter the occasion! 

What are LED Dance Floors Used For?

Wondering what events LED dance floors can be used for? From corporate events to birthdays and graduation parties, LED dance floors can be installed in venues of all shapes and sizes. 

Regardless of what you’re planning, our LED dance floor rentals for events include...

  • Corporate events
  • Grand openings
  • Birthday parties, mitzvahs, and quinceañeras
  • School dances and formals 
  • Graduation parties
  • Reunions 
  • Theme parties
  • Festivals 
  • Fashion shows 


3. Maximize an Event Space

LED dance floor rentals can help break up parts of a room, fill space, and maximize the appearance of an area. Plus, you won’t have to commit to a venue with an existing dance floor — you’ll be able to make the space entirely your own. 

If you’re running low on space, LED dance floors can also serve multiple functions. From mingling and speeches to dancing, LED dance floor rentals are both entertaining and visually appealing, which makes them the perfect focal point for large or small event spaces. 

In addition to the above, dance floors are easy to assemble and environmentally friendly! 


4. Custom Sizing 

If you rent out a venue that already has a built-in dance floor, you're limited to whatever its size is. However, when you book a venue and an LED dance floor, we can customize the size to fit the space! 

For certain occasions, such as music videos or set productions, LED dance floor rentals are configured to meet specific size requirements. So, if a 60' catwalk is needed for a fashion show, Florida LED Dance Floors can create custom designs and sizes. 

The maximum size for the LED Infinity Mirror Dance Floor is 26’ X 26’. 

How Large of a Dance Floor Do I Need?

The first step to renting an LED dance floor is knowing what size dance floor you need. Generally speaking, you’ll want about 4.5 ft² between guests or 9 ft²  for couples. For example, if you rent an LED dance floor for a wedding with 100 guests, it’s safe to assume 50 people or 25 couples will be on the dance floor at one time. In this case, you would need a 16' x 16' foot LED dance floor rental. 


5. Fast Assembly

Compared to regular dance floors that can take a few hours to fully set up, LED Dance Floors are assembled in less than 45 minutes. Each panel of the dance floor has magnetic connections, making them easy to quickly configure into any size you need. 

LED Dance Floor Rentals in Clearwater, FL: How Our Process Works

The Florida LED Dance Floor team specializes in creating exceptional LED dance floor rentals from the ground up! Once we’ve discussed your time and budget requirements, we’ll use 3D software and Photoshop to demonstrate how we’ll transform your space. We’ll also dedicate time to brainstorming and crafting a stunning dance floor for your event. 

As LED dance floor rental providers in Clearwater, FL, our services also include delivery, set up, and removal. Our lighting technicians will stay behind to operate the LED floor and answer any questions you have.

LED Dance Floor Rentals in Florida

If you’re interested in renting an LED dance floor for your upcoming event, Florida LED Dance Floors provides rentals throughout Florida, including Naples, Sarasota, Miami, and Orlando. We also currently cover South Florida’s tri-county region and parts of Latin America. 

For more information or questions concerning LED dance floor rental costs, contact us today or call 727-474-9927 for a FREE quote.

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