Tips for Successful Event Lighting

If you’re in the throes of planning, event lighting might not be your top priority. After all, you have the venue, catering, and other things to worry about. However, you’d be surprised how much of an effect lighting can make — from setting the mood to highlighting key elements.  

To help you get the ball rolling, our LED dance floor specialists have compiled seven tips for successful event lighting here.

7 Event Lighting Tips

1. Plan Ahead

Try to map out your lighting design well before your event; this will give you time to experiment with different lighting options and adjust as needed. There are various design software tools you can use to determine lighting placements. However, a drawing or sketch will also work if you want to do things the non-technical way. 

A project plan helps you account for other items in the event space. To avoid mistakes, outline the position of furniture, doors, and anything else that might limit your lighting choices.

2. Highlight Key Elements

Every event planner wants to showcase areas of interest — use lighting to draw attention to key elements of your event. Whether it’s a stage, buffet table, or seating area, lighting will help it stand out and create a focal point for the room. 

You should also consider safety when planning your lighting, especially if guests will be moving around the space. Walkways are usually important to highlight because they make it easy for guests to identify preset paths for foot traffic.

3. Use Color

Color can have a significant impact on the mood and ambiance of an event. 

For example, you could incorporate event or wedding colors into your lighting. Or you might rent a brightly-colored LED dance floor for a more subtle glow, adding an experiential element to the space! 

Colored lights are a great way to ensure guests can see without making things too bright. And you can use them to guide people through different spaces. As people notice the pattern, they can easily navigate your event. As people notice the pattern, they can easily navigate your event.

4. Consider Different Lighting Effects

Similar to color, lighting effects can make all the difference in a venue. If a lit area still feels dull, use a combination of sources (LED lights, spotlights, uplights, etc.) to create a dynamic and exciting lighting design. 

Simple effects like patterns, color transitions, or similar options are also surprisingly effective ways to transform your vision of a fun, memorable gathering into a real-life night to remember.

5. Set the Mood

No matter what type of event you’re throwing, use lighting to create a specific atmosphere. For instance, warm, yellow lights will create a cozy ambiance, while cool, blue lights are better for a more modern and sleek feel.  

Consider how you can use lighting to set the tone of your event space. Then, lean on the venue and your overall theme to choose the best lighting options for your special occasion.

6. Go With LEDs Whenever Possible

As far as efficiency goes, LEDs are one of the best options for lighting events. Not only do they have low power consumption, making them eco-friendly, but they also support a range of colors — allowing for total customizability! 

If you want to take things one step further, 3D Mirror LED dance floors are less than 3” tall with magnetic connections for fast assembly. They’re also water resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use or at a busy party.

7. Get Creative

Lastly, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your lighting choices! Event decor is easy to focus on. However, a little creativity in the lighting department always goes a long way. 

For instance, not only is an LED dance floor a unique lighting option for your next event, but you can create all kinds of designs and display any color imaginable. With vibrant colors, this type of dance floor can turn your party up a notch with almost no effort.

Party Dance Floor Rentals in Clearwater, FL

Hopefully, these tips will give you some ideas for lighting your next event. But if you need help making them a reality, that’s where we can help!  

We have years of experience bringing our client’s visions to life at Florida LED Dance Floors. We’re the only company in Tampa Bay offering a 3D Infinity Mirror LED dance floor. 

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