Throwing an event? An LED dance floor rental is the perfect way to elevate it! 

A customized 3D dance floor is a fantastic way to get everyone on the dance floor. But what is a 3D LED dance floor? And how does renting one work? 

Our LED dance floor specialists in Clearwater, FL are here to answer all your dance floor rental questions. 


What Is a 3D LED Dance Floor? 

A 3D LED dance floor is a mirrored platform dance floor that has a customizable color display. 

Otherwise known as an infinity dance floor, LED dance floors create the illusion of a lighted tunnel. 3D LED floors can also flash in specific colors and patterns and can even be synced to the beat of music. 


What Are They Made Of? 

3D dance floors consist of sturdy plexiglass, which means they’re practically shatterproof! LED dance floors are also water-resistant, making them a great addition to any outdoor wedding or event. However, certain restrictions apply. 3D dance floors should not be operated on rainy days or grass surfaces. 


How Do 3D LED Dance Floors Work?

Colorful embedded LED lights are what give 3D dance floors their vibrance. The sides and bottoms of the square tiles are reflective, which diffuses the light and gives off a multi-dimensional color. 

At Florida LED Dance Floors, we have a clear, white matte version that allows us to create single or multi-colored tiles to complement the theme of your event. We use a computer to control the colors, patterns, and design changes of the LED dance floor. With their bright colors, our dance floor rentals can transform your event with almost no effort. 


How Does Renting an LED Dance Floor Work?

Most LED dance floor rental companies provide installation and takedown services. 3D LED dance floor rentals only take about 45 minutes to install due to easy, magnetic connections on the sides of the tiles. A lighting technician will stay behind to operate the dance floor during  the event. 

With Florida LED Dance Floors, all LED dance floors are custom-made to match your specific size requirements. Our rentals also have low power consumption, making them an eco-friendly option. 


What Are 3D Dance Floors Used For? 

LED dance floor rentals fill up space, divide parts of a room, and create an engaging focal point for guests to look at. LED dance floors be used for endless purposes: they can serve as a runway for a fashion show, a stage for a showroom car, or a dance floor for weddings, parties, and video shoots! 


LED Dance Floors for Parties & Special Events

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a school dance, 3D LED dance floors make the perfect addition! LED dance floor rentals for events are catered to all kinds of celebrations, such as...

  • Themed parties
  • Fashion shows
  • Reunions 
  • School dances and formals
  • Graduation parties 
  • Birthday parties, mitzvahs, and quinceañeras 
  • Grand openings
  • Corporate events

Florida LED Dance Floors provides 3D Infinity Mirror LED dance floors throughout Tampa Bay and South Florida’s tri-county region. So, if you’re throwing an event in Orlando, Sarasota, Naples, or Miami — we’re here for your dance floor rental needs. 


Wedding 3D Dance Floor Rentals 

3D dance floors for weddings are a fabulous option for getting family and friends out on the dance floor. LED dance floors can display patterns and showcase the colors of your wedding or engagement party. 

With a matte white rental, you can create a floor with interchangeable colors that match your wedding decor or build the perfect engagement scene. Not only is our team proud to provide a wide range of color options, but we’re also the only company in Tampa Bay that offers 3D Infinity Mirror LED dance floor rentals. 


How Much Does a 3D Dance Floor Cost? 

The cost of LED dance floor rentals varies on the size. You pay for the square footage you need, which ranges from around $7-$8 per square foot. With this in mind, you should be able to estimate how much a dance floor rental will cost depending on the square footage of your venue or the number of guests attending. 

For example, 400 ft² (20’ x 20’) is $9.5 per square ft. Or 160 ft² (8.20’ x 19.70’) is $11.80 per square ft. 


What Size Dance Floor Do I Need?

What size LED dance floor you need depends on square footage or the number of guests attending. 

In general, you should designate 4.5ft² for every guest, or 9ft² for couples. So, if you’re hosting an event for 100 people and expect 50 people to be on the floor at one time, you would need a 16’ x 16’ ft LED dance floor rental. 

Florida LED Dance Floors’  maximum size for 3D Infinity Mirror LED dance floors is 26’x 26’. That said, we will create custom sizes and designs as requested. For questions about what size LED dance floor rental you need, feel free to reach out to us


Why Rent a 3D LED Dance Floor? 

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are even more reasons you should rent a LED dance floor for your upcoming celebration. 

3D LED dance floors create an incredible experience for guests! Who doesn’t want to dance the night away on a customized dance floor? Also, with a dance floor rental, you won’t need a venue with an existing dance floor which means you’re free to make the space your own! 

At Florida LED Dance Floors, our design process is simple: we’ll always share our ideas with you while being considerate of your budget and time constraints. Our team uses 3D computer programs and Photoshop to show you what your dance floor rental will look like in your event space! 


3D LED Dance Floor Rentals in Clearwater, FL

The Florida LED Dance Floors team is passionate about bringing your vision to life! We’ll always take the time to ask for your input so we can produce a memorable experience that suits your event needs. 

For more information on our 3D Infinity Mirror LED dance floor rentals, call 727-474-9927 or contact us today

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